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Taking the Plunge into Full-time Freelance Writing

What’s news for horror writer Paul D. Dail?

Before I get to the big news (and the not-necessarily horror writer news), I’m glad to report that I’m almost finished with revisions for my next novel. Took a little longer than I expected–and I’m sure it’s not the last set of revisions I’ll do–but I’m glad to say I got everything done to this point in just over a year. Considering how long it took me to get The Imaginings out in the world, I’d say that’s a pretty big improvement.

Speaking of The Imaginings (tremendous segue, if I do say so myself), the new trade paperback format is still available for purchase at my bookstore (www.pauldailbooks.com) as well as major retailers.

But now, without further ado…

Sing it with me! "School's out for EVER!" Image from Flickr Creative Commons. www.focka.com/br Eduardo Gabriel

Sing it with me! “School’s out for EVER!”
Image from Flickr Creative Commons. http://www.focka.com/br Eduardo Gabriel

THE BIG NEWS! After many years of dreaming about this (and actively working toward it the past couple years), next fall I will be going full-time freelance writing.

Well, kind of.

I have only been teaching part-time the past few years, so I’ll only have to replace a part-time teaching salary.

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