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To catch a ghost: An evening with Southern Utah Paranormal

What’s news for horror writer Paul D. Dail?

Mostly, I’ve been really enjoying a regular gig writing op/ed, features, and even some straight news for The Independent, southern Utah News and Events.

They were kind enough to let me post my “A day in the mind of a horror writer…or…How my brain is different than yours?” which originally appeared here on my blog in a little longer form.

And the following is a feature article I did for them which was originally published at SUindependent.com.

So without further ado…

To catch a ghost: An evening with Southern Utah Paranormal


People who know I write horror are often surprised at what a scaredy-cat I am. To be an effective horror writer, I think you have to believe in a lot of the things you write about, or at least be willing to concede the possibility of such things. So, even if it’s admittedly irrational on most levels, I get spooked a lot, especially living in the middle of nowhere.

When it comes to ghosts, I put them in the same group as aliens. Or God. I want to believe, but so far, I’m still waiting on solid evidence. Continue reading