Cover Reveal and Artist Interview for “Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies”

What’s news for horror writer Paul D. Dail?

Somewhere-in-the-Shadows-III-Amended-SmlWell, kind of a rush of things, actually, which has caused a switch in plans here at the ol’ blog.  More on that shortly, but the news for this week is that Somewhere in the Shadows, the anthology that features a foreword by yours truly, is now available for purchase.  I had originally intended to post my foreword here this week, but with another anthology coming out with which I’m involved (the aforementioned Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies), I’ve been asked to do some other pre-publicity today.

So I’m pushing back my foreword for Somewhere in the Shadows for two weeks, but the good thing is that it will allow me time to read and comment on some of the stories when I do post additional details.

Until then (and if you don’t want to wait for me), you can find Somewhere in the Shadows at Amazon (click here).

What does the future hold?

Another fellow writer who has been pretty busy lately is fellow TESSpecFic group mate, Jonathan D. Allen.  In addition to also being featured in Somewhere in the Shadows, he has just released a new novel, Room 3, and next week, I’ll be hosting Jonathan for a guest post regarding this release.

But without further ado…

In the next week or so, one of my short pieces, Another Oldie but Goodie, will be appearing in an anthology edited by Rayne HallUndead: Ten Tales of Zombies is the next in a series of releases by Hall, all following the Ten Tales concept.  I’m honored to be in this company of nine other authors (check back for more information on the other authors soon)

UNDEAD cover Dec12As part of my pre-publicity for this release, I’m pleased today to be featuring an interview with the artist for the Undead cover (as well as a couple others in the series), Erica Syverson.  I really like this cover.  I’m not in the art/illustration field, so I won’t try to sound intelligent; I’ll just say it kind of has a graphic novel feel to it.  Just scary and gory enough without being over the top.  This is actually my favorite cover of Hall’s Ten Tales series.

Of course, maybe that’s just because I’m in it 🙂

So NOW without further ado…

My interview with Erica Syverson (kind of like my Seven Questions for authors, but a little different)

1- As far as illustration is concerned: a- your favorite pastime, b- your fiery passion, c- your full-time profession, or d- a combination of the above.  Feel free to expand.

I’d have to say all of the above. Illustration has always been my favorite pastime, passion and has become my profession. Every minute of my day is spent on expanding on illustration- which is not uncommon with the freelance illustrators, there is very little time to spare when it’s not with art. When not working professionally, I’m building portfolio pieces because there is nothing else that I enjoy more.

[PDD: Sounds like freelance writing, as well 🙂 ]

2- How did you get involved with Rayne and her anthology projects?

Also by Erica
Also by Erica

My work with Rayne began on deviantART, when she approached me to illustrate her ebooks Bites and Haunted. I’m extremely fortunate and thankful to meet Miss Hall, she has really opened some doors for me professionally, especially with meeting new clients.

[PDD: Agreed.  I think it’s awesome that she does all of these collections, and I was pleased to be asked to be a part of Undead.]

3- Who are some other artists/illustrators you enjoy?

There are a number of artists I enjoy to follow, and it is near impossible to narrow it down to just a few.  I do enjoy Tracy Jennifer Butler’s work, along with various concept artists such as Andree Wallin.

[PDD: I’ll be sure to check them out.]

4- Obviously you like illustrating for horror.  Any other themes (or subject matters) you particularly like?

Another by Erica
Another by Erica

Horror is a really nice niche to work in, but I really enjoy any kind of fantasy artwork, concepts for environments, narratives or characters. I enjoy a broad spectrum of fantasy and can easily immerse myself in someone’s head-world.

[PDD: Fascinating. I’m so impressed with people who have that ability. I was really pleased with my cover artist’s various ideas for my novel The Imaginings. Especially when I consider my original idea for the cover. This is why we have professionals, I guess 🙂 ]

5- Because I’m a writer, I have to ask (and just hope that you’re a reader), what is the last book you finished reading for pleasure?  If it’s not obvious by the title, what is the genre?  And does that fall under your favorite genre (you know, the type of book you pick out when you’re going on vacation)?

I’m an avid reader. Recently I’ve actually been comparing the writing of the Bronte sisters, the latest being Pride and Prejudice. I dabble in literature of all genres, for it isn’t the genre that attracts me, it’s the writing. If it has a catchy plot, flavorful hand, and characters that I either enjoy (or in some cases love to hate) then I won’t be able to put a book down.

[PDD: I’m the same way when it comes to reading. Anything I can get my hands on.]

6- Where would you like to be (professionally, personally, whatever) in five years?

In five years, I would like to be able to be working in either storyboarding, animation, concept art and of course, illustration. I’ve had some experience on all sides of the spectrum including storyboarding for a cartoon show in launch consideration, collaborated with authors for published novels, and have studied under an old master of animation to produce my own animated short. Any of these venues brings me endless joy, and I would be happy to do either or all.

[PDD: Sounds like you have a lot in the works. Glad to hear you are enjoying  yourself along the way.]

7- Do you have a site where people can go to see more of your work?

My professional website is at, I also update on deviantART regularly with artwork.

[PDD: Thanks, Erica.  And good luck with your future endeavors.]

What do I want from you?

Any comments for Erica?  Just want to say “hi”?

Any recent book covers that have really jumped out at you? Or artists you like?

Don’t forget to check back next week for more information about Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies as well as my guest post from Jonathan D. Allen.

12 thoughts on “Cover Reveal and Artist Interview for “Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies”

  1. Hey Paul, I’ve been a little self-absorbed lately and haven’t made the pilgrimage over to your blog in a while. Sounds like you’ve been busy! Congrats on all these projects you’ve got going on.

    Erica, I confess I’m not a horror fan (yeah, ask me how I met up with Paul, lol!), but your covers are certainly eye-catching. And I can honestly celebrate any fellow writer/illustrator’s success. Very cool!

    1. Hey Michelle, no sweat. Glad to see you.

      And how did we meet? Was it through BookBlogs? Hmm. That seems the most likely, right?

      Anyway, thanks for your kind words. Hope all is going well for you.

      1. Yup. BookBlogs…which I haven’t been on in months.

  2. I like the sound of this. Be sure to let us know when it releases, I’m there!

    1. Thanks, Jonathan. I’ll keep you posted. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s actually Another Oldie but Goodie, which is published here (and in Free Five) anyway, but all ten authors also get to include an excerpt from the novel of their choice. Also, I’m in pretty good company. I didn’t recognize all of the names, but one who jumped out at me was Jeff Strand. He was actually the emcee at the Stoker Awards banquet last March.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting. Look forward to putting up your guest post next week.

  3. Jonathan Broughton 12/08/2012 — 2:16 am

    Hi Erica – great to see another wonderful cover: creepy and atmospheric. Your future projects sound very exciting – good luck with all of them. Have fun.

    1. Jonathan, thanks for stopping by and saying “hi.” I agree. It sounds like she has some exciting things coming up. Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. I can recommend Erica Syverson. She’s skilled, reliable and pleasant to work with, and she has a knack for the the creepy and macabre. 🙂

    1. I’m sure she really appreciates your recommendation… and your help in building her portfolio and resume. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. What a great interview. I can’t wait for the next Ten Tales collection to come out. Having also worked with Erica on a couple of projects I can confirm that she is a really skilled illustrator, very easy to work with, and able to ‘get’ concepts you’re trying to illustrate very quickly. You can check out one of her covers she did for me here: for which I think she did a great job to turn my crazy idea into an actualized creation!

    1. Karen, great to hear from another of Erica’s clients. I’ll be sure to check out the work she has done for you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. Jason Darrick | @JasonDarrick 12/08/2012 — 9:33 pm

    Erica’s art is quite catching, and the anthology looks like it’ll be a hit.

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