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10 movies that scared the bejeezus out of me

What’s News?

It has been a pretty exciting week.

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– Found out my Flash Fiction piece, Another Oldie but Goodie, was accepted for the October Halloween issue of eFiction MagazineeFiction currently ranks #13 in Amazon’s Arts and Entertainment Kindle eZines, in good company with other publications such as The New Yorker, Asimov’s Science Fiction, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.

POST NOTE: Because of a production error, my story didn’t make it into the October issue… at least that’s what I was told 😦  Still hoping for the November issue.

– I was featured in an interview at Tracy’s Treasure of Books (click here).  Some fun questions.  And I did my best to keep my answers brief, but hopefully still interesting.

– Only two more weeks on The Imaginings September-only .99 e-book sale!  Click here for more information.

What does the future hold?

I’m pleased to say that next Friday, I will be posting another Friday Flash Fiction piece.  I think these are great exercises on really getting down to the essential details and maintaining tension.

Also, two weeks from today (9/30), I’m excited to announce my first author interview.  I will be featuring “Seven questions with Carole Gill.”

But without further ado…

My plan as I sit down to write this is to keep it short.  Or at least shorter than my post, My own Works Cited list: 10 books that have inspired me.  But as many of you are getting to know about me, I can’t just do a list, and brevity isn’t my strong suit.  But I’m going to give it a try. Continue reading


A Day in the Mind of a Horror Writer… or … Why My Brain is Different From Yours


NEWS FLASH- The Imaginings will be on sale for September (my birthday month) for only .99!  Spread the word, enjoy the book, and if you get the chance and would be so kind, leave a review when you’re done.

What does the future hold?

Back before zombies started becoming passé (although the true horror fans among us will never stop liking zombies entirely… just as we believe that vampires will once again be scary), my friend and professor Dr. Kyle Bishop wrote a book called American Zombie Gothic: The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the Walking Dead in Popular Culture.  Next week I’ll be featuring an excerpt.

But without further ado…

(AUTHOR’S NOTE #1: I know and trust most of you who come to my site and read my random thoughts, but for anyone else, I ask that you respect the content of my brain.  My main intent with the following post is to entertain, but there are also seeds of stories scattered throughout the piece.  Let me harvest them.  Thank you.) Continue reading

White Men Can’t Write… or Rewrite, rather

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PLEASE NOTE: I participated again in Friday Flash Fiction Horror again this week, however, to maintain variety, I haven’t published it here.  You can find Another Oldie but Goodie either on my bookstore website under Free Samples ( or at Vamplit Publishing.

What does the future hold?

Next Friday, I’ll be posting my review of the book (NOT THE MOVIE) No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy.  If you saw the movie and liked it (if not straight-out loved it), then you have to read the book.  And if you’ve only read McCarthy’s The Road and thought it so bleak you’d never read another of his books, I hope to convince you otherwise.

But without further ado…

Big ideas come in small packages

This last year, as I sat and watched “Of Mice and Men” with my freshmen Language Arts class, I couldn’t help but think (as I had on each of the previous days when we were reading the book) of the absence of two of my students.  Continue reading

Why do I like to write horror stories?

What does the future hold?

Next Friday, my second posting will be entitled To “e,” or Not To “e”, a discussion/justification of whether or not I should feel guilty about publishing my book for e-readers.  Will be posted by Friday, June 24th.

But without further ado…

 If you’ll notice, there are really three questions in the title to this introductory post, cleverly pieced together to hopefully gather your attention while hopefully not sounding too pompous and self-absorbed (as in my first idea for a title, “Why do I write?”).  If you didn’t notice, don’t worry, because I’m about to break them down.  Oh, and if this is the first time you’ve read one of my postings, you might want to plan for a few minutes.  In Word, this entry runs a little over three pages, single space.  But again, hopefully I’ve gathered your attention.

At this very early stage of my new blog, most of you are visiting as a result of a mild form of coercion and shameless self-promotion on my part.  Because of this fact, many of you have already heard the answer to one of these questions.  As a horror writer, why do I write the things I do?  Continue reading