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  1. Hello Paul, thanks for the kind words on my blog, “Of gods and goddesses.”

    I wanted to join your blog, but could not find a subscription box (unless I was mysteriously struck blind, excuse me). I hope you will follow mine as well, and yes, some contributions in the future are a good possiblity.

    Best Wishes,
    Joseph Pinto

    1. Thanks Joseph. I’m still new to the WordPress blog world and am trying to figure out how to make it easy to subscribe. Not sure if I subscribed to yours or not,either. I’ll get it figured out. Looking forward to having you as a colleague.

  2. Thanks again for visiting and offering your “why I write” as a guest post! Can you send me a brief bio sketch to add when I do the post? You can email it to jillelizabeth@jill-elizabeth.com. Thanks again for submitting it – I think my readers will enjoy it as much as I did – it’s always fascinating to me to read other writers’ stories about why they do what they do!

  3. Hi Paul,
    I’m intrigued by The Imaginings. You’re definitely on my radar as a writer to watch.


    1. Much thanks, Glen. Glad to hear that something sparked your interest and brought you this way. I’ll be hopping over to check out your blog. Learn more about this wanna-be farming thing 🙂

  4. Just thought I’d let you know I just one-clciked The Imaginings. I have a couple of titles in front of it, but it’s in my queue.

    1. Much thanks, Glen. I look forward to hearing your honest opinion. I’m still waiting on getting an e-reader (kind of surprised to hear myself say that) so I can read some great sounding books I’ve heard about over the past few months, including yours. And no, the irony is not lost on me that I have published my first novel as an e-book even though I don’t own an e-reader myself.

      Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

  5. Hi, Paul, It’s such a coincidence that I stumble across your blog, when not so long ago a friend was telling me about this book called; The Imaginings.
    well I couldn’t have guessed right if I hadn’t seen the book up there, with your name on it…Hmmm..seeing it here kinda makes me want to read it. whats the price tag?…But I’m not really a fan of amazon cos I live in africa and shipping could be unpredictable with amazon….okay then, I’d find out how my friend got it.

    Anyway, I found your page through a search engine while desperately searching for a book agent, and ways to find one. I’ve some lovely Kiddies’ Stories that I’d like to publish..but, you know what it’s like out there with publishing a book. I’ve only tried Dorrance and they were ready to go..but then after some research I realised that might be a mistake. Besides, some blogs like yours clearly stated that one should NEVER pay a publishing house for publication.

    so I’d like to know if you went through the agent route to publish your book, and if you can recommend anyone for me. I’m the busy type so I’d be pleased with someone whom I can depend on to turn the passion into reality. Would also be really grateful for your input. thanks.
    Please reply to my email address {charlesedd@gmail.com}
    Thanks again.

    1. Charles, thanks for stopping by. Yes, indeed, a small world. I’ll send you an email.

  6. Heyllo Paul,

    My name is David. I just the other day bought your free short stories, “Free Five” and finished it just a minute ago. I am now a big fan. I recently read another compilation of 5 “Flash Fiction” stories. I had not heard that term before but it interested me. I myself am a writer and will hopefully, very soon, self-publish some of my work through Smashwords. My first go at publishing will be with my short stories. I have six that have been finished and edited. A friend is also currently working on cover art. When I saw that name, “Flash Fiction” for the first time I realized something…Most of my short stories are very similar in style to those that I read. I was wondering if there was any way you could answer a few questions for me. I’d really like to know if there are any certain rules or guidelines to Flash Fiction. I’ve been searching for what genre I write in and I think I may have found it. My second self-publishing plan is to do a few shorter compilations and then one big compilation of what I call my “Lyme Poetry”. I have had Lyme disease for almost 9 years now and I’ve found that writing has been a very therapeutic outlet. It has literally kept me sane…if anyone is willing to call a horror writer “sane” that is. Anyways…I will be starting to try and market my work, both fiction and poetry, soon. I have a blog for my Lyme work, but will need to make one for my fiction as well. I read a few of your blog posts and am very interested to know anything else you can share about horror writing in general and if you have any advice. I’m sure you are probably very busy, which I can understand, but if you do have the time, I’d love to discuss these things with you. I appreciate it. Keep on writing!

    David J.

    1. David,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I will send you an email, and we can talk at greater length “off the air” so to speak 🙂

      Always a pleasure to meet another writer. Hope I can answer some of your questions.

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