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FINALLY! “The Imaginings” in paperback. SIGNED AND PERSONALIZED!

What’s news for horror writer Paul D. Dail?

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Hmm… let’s see… what’s new with me…oh yeah…

The Imaginings is finally in paperback! (and I don’t use exclamation points lightly)

It’s been longer than I care to admit since I started on this project and the ensuing complications (or the fact that I might have gone bass ackwards on more than a few things in regards to the publication of my first novel)…BUT NOW IT’S DONE!


– 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” trade paperback (334 pages)

– It can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but I’m going to make you wait on those links because…

– I’m selling hand signed editions with a personalized message (*optional) at www.pauldailbooks.com for just $17, which includes standard USPS ground shipping. Continue reading


Guest post by Hunter Shea: “Horror’s Platinum Age”

What’s news for horror writer Paul D. Dail?

Not much new to report this week from a writer standpoint.  I’m still writing.  Working on a short story for a themed anthology I’ve been invited to be a part of, but I can’t say too much about it at this point except to say I’m really enjoying the piece.  And it always feels good to be writing.

What does the future hold?

My TESSpecFic group is getting ready to start a series of posts on the genre of Horror  and the subsequent problems of having such a broad stroke label for a genre that may be interpreted differently by many different readers and writers.  Okay, that last part is what my post will be about next Friday.  Other group members are perhaps taking a different approach to the topic.

But without further ado…

I first met Hunter when I started this crazy blog thing almost ten months ago.  Continue reading

Interview- Seven Questions with Author Penelope Crowe

What’s news?

This past week I published another of my short stories entitled The Interview.  The short teaser?

Reporter Jay Kipp gets more than he expected from his interview with an old, blind homeless man who goes by the mythological moniker of Phineus, a Phoenician king who was blinded by Zeus

You can find The Interview at the following links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords.

It’s a little bit of a departure from my normal stuff, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, I must give thanks to fellow writer/blogger/Triberr mate JW Manus. In addition to many great things she has to say, she has put together a couple of concise posts on getting your Word documents formatted for e-conversion.

What does the future hold?

Previous to settling down with my wife, I spent a couple of years on various travels.  From Hawaii to Canada to Mexico (and most of the continental United States).  Granted, not too terribly exotic, but I had some interesting experiences. Next Friday, I’ll share one of those from my time in Mexico.

But without further ado…

If you haven’t read my past last week, a review of Penelope Crowe’s 100 Unfortunate Days, I would hope you would take the time to do so after reading this interview.  Continue reading

Interview- Seven Questions with Author Jeff Mariotte

What’s news?

Sci-fi/horror writer/blogger Julie Jansen left the following kind comments at Amazon in review of my novel, The Imaginings:

“I read this in an afternoon. The demon is like a horrific version of the baggage we all carry through life. I liked how the author made the demon emerge like a surge of emotion we’ve all experienced at one point or other. The book is well done and an enjoyable read.”

Thanks, Julie.  Wish I could say that I wrote it in an afternoon 🙂

For the rest of you, I would hope you pay a visit to Julie’s blog when you get a chance.  Click here.

What does the future hold?

Next Friday, my post will be entitled, “End of the World Stories We Hate to Love.”  (perhaps Part I of II.  We’ll see how long I ramble.)  There are a handful that popped into mind when I was trying to think of why we love apocalyptic stories so much, but I look forward to hearing your input, as well.

But without further ado… Continue reading

My first Coffin Hop giveaway! And “Seven Questions with Author Hunter Shea”

What’s news?

For the final week of October, I will be participating in two blog hops.  If you’ve never heard of this before, essentially it’s a way to find out about new bloggers with similar interests.  To see all the bloggers participating in these two hops, click on the links below:

– Halloween Hop (October 28-31)

– Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour (October 24-31)

All participating blogs in the Coffin Hop are supposed to be hosting some sort of contest.

Which means I’m hosting my first giveaway!  Three winners will be chosen to receive a free e-copy of my book The Imaginings.  In order to be eligible, the requirements are simple. Continue reading

Author Interview- Seven Questions with Carole Gill

What’s news?

– Today is the LAST DAY for the The Imaginings September-only .99 e-book sale!  Click here for more information

What does the future hold?

Next Friday is going to be a post mostly for my writers.  It’s a topic I’ve seen tackled in a few different arenas, but I’m going to throw my two cents in on getting past writer’s block (and I believe I’ll have some advice you haven’t heard or tried, because I have a couple of things I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere).

But without further ado…

When I first started this crazy adventure into the world of e-publishing and self-promotion, I found a great site:  www.bookblogs.ning.com. 

This is where I first met horror author Carole Gill, author of The House on Blackstone Moor.  She was so very friendly from the start and soon invited me to join the Masters of Horror group on Facebook, an invitation which has opened so many doors for me, both to publishing opportunities and to simply more crazies like myself who find their pleasure in the darker side. Continue reading

The Death He Expected- Vamplit #FridayFlash Fiction by Paul D. Dail

What’s News?

 The Imaginings was featured at Kindle Daily Bargains, a site sponsored by author Jeremy C. Shipp.  Having just received some glowing praise from Peter Straub, Jeremy is an author to keep an eye on, and I was pleased to be featured there.

Speaking of the book, only one more week left on The Imaginings September-only .99 e-book sale!  Click here for more information.  Would love it if you’d help me spread the word.

What does the future hold?

Next Friday, I will be posting my first author interview.  “Seven Questions with Carole Gill.”  She had some great answers to my questions, and I’m excited to share them with you.

But without further ado…

 The Death He Expected

by Paul D. Dail

Word Count: 998

There’s power in superstition.  I’ve never been too superstitious, but I can tell these three kids out hiking in the middle of the night got a strong streak of it running through ‘em.  Why else would they be going out to the mesa on a full moon? Continue reading